Founded in 1998 and specializing in charter helicopters, JK Air Taxi is situated in Brasilia and its own headquarters, holding an enviable statistic operational of safety and satisfaction to its customers.

It is located in Brasília International Airport, and is thus in a highly strategic geographical position to better serve their clients in various areas and nationwide.

Operating the largest fleet of helicopters in Centro Oeste, we are approved for operations in the modalities of Air Charter and SAE (Specialized Air Services). JK Air Taxi has made several missions to the most varied areas of activity such as aerial photography, Inspection in lines of high voltage transmission besides inspections in oil and gas pipelines, reforestation areas and other works of large engineering.

We too do transportation of values and authorities, provided with complete structure for VIP service to their customers.


The JK Air Taxi has a wide structure with VIP areas and own hangar for their aircrafts, with full support to his customers.

Our Clients