Made in Brazil by Helicópteros do Brasil S/A (HELIBRAS), company of the group EUROCOPTER, the Esquilo(Squirrel) AS350B/B2 is a is a Single-impeller helicopter lightweight for 5 passengers and 1 pilot. Equipped with a Turbomeca Arriel engine 1B/1D1, presents better performance at high altitudes and high temperatures.

Cause a spacious cabin and various optional equipments available, this helicopter can perform the most varied missions.

Your simple and modern conception, widely used in composite materials (blades, rotor "starflex", hoods, etc.) offers great comfort due to low levels of noise and vibration. It is a very versatile aircraft, as all versions of the Esquilo(squirrel) family, particularly for executive transport and passengers an transport of values with capacity up to 1950Kg/2.250Kg.

  • Capacity
    1 pilot + 5 passengers
  • Weights
    Max. weight Takeoff: 1.950kg or 2.250Kg
  • Engine
    1 turbine TURBOMECA ARRIEL 1B or 1D1
    Max speed. (VNE): 272 km/h
  • Performance(with maximum takeoff weight, ISA, SL)
    Velocidade máx. (VNE):
    272 km/h
    Fast cruising speed: 210 km/h
    Rate of climb: 1.000FT/Min
    Service ceiling: 4,600m
    Autonomy with standard tank: 03:30
    Range with standard tank (SL): 620km
  • Dimensions
    Length (with rotor turning): 12.94m
    Comprimento da
    Fuselage Length: 10.93m
    Height: 3.34m
    Main rotor diameter: 10.69m
  • Optional
    High ski
    Sliding door
    Air Conditioning
    GPS 296

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